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Schnee Bar Of The Great Plains

Loman Reile and Sharon Boele-Reile

"Schnee Bar" pronounced Schnaybear is the german name for snow bear. Since 1980, we at Schnee Bar have bred high quality Great Pyrenees and are pleased that our offspring have included more than 50 AKC champions of record.

Thank you for your interest in Great Pyrenees. Hopefully, the presented information will be beneficial in your search for that "just right" friend. We will try, by the means of this story, to introduce you to some of the breed's qualities.

In the past years, the Pyrs at Schnee Bar have had the chance to exercise their natural ability to "babysit" sheep as we do have a flock of sheep who bear lambs. It is a moving experience to witness the Pyrs' personalities blossom as they take on the responsibility of guardian. It is apparent as they move about in a grand fashion that they do very much enjoy the sheep and the new lambs.

Great Pyrenees

The winter with its snow and cold days are what they prefer. They are overjoyed at playing in the snow. The summer season is more a problem. A cool place for them to rest during the heat of the day is most appreciated. Many people let them into an air conditioned place if the temperature goes above 80 degrees. Their main sleep time is between 10:00 AM until 4:00 PM. This is because of their natural habit to protect and guard through the night. This is why they bark at night, to ward off predators from their territory.

Sharon Boele-Reile with a Great Pyrenees
Our Great Pyrenees Kennel
Our Great Pyrenees Kennel in the winter time

It is essential to have a fenced yard as this breed of dog will roam if not boundary trained. Not many neighbors appreciate a big strange dog sniffing around their property, children or other animals.

Pyrenees are wonderful with children, provided the children are well mannered and do not abuse the dogs. Reading and gaining all the knowledge you can about our breed is most beneficial as they are not a dog for everyone, or all situations.

In our opinion, the Great Pyrenees breed is one of the most beautiful and magnificent of all breeds in existence today. They enjoy people who love them.

Their life expectancy is approximately 10 years. They belong to the "working group" of dogs and are bred to think for themselves as they guard "their flock"; those they love and are bonded to, sometimes at the risk of their own lives and well-being. Their flock may be human or animal.

Pyrs combine a great intelligence with a deep devotion to family and home, a desire to please and a natural-born instinct to guard and protect. While trustworthy, affectionate, gentle and tractable (and ideal with children) they can become, when and if the need arises, protective guardians of their family and territory. Thus, they command respect as watch dogs as much as admiration as pets.

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